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The Velocity 15 is ideal for outdoor action sports. It’s unique Laminated Impactor ShieldTMoffers great protection for your gear while being extremely light weight. This makes for a pack which does not hinder you when engaging in action packed activities while offering great protection for your electronics and other gear.

The Velocity 15, with it’s built in, easy to attach cargo net, provides great support for carrying bicycle hemet or water bottle etc. And despite its compact size it can carry lots of gear. The expanda- ble zipper along the seam of the shell will increase the pay load by 30%. Available in black with 3 color variations on the trimmings.

Avaible in:
Gobi (Cream)
Borneo (Beige)
Pacific (Blue)


•  Impact protective laminated foam body.
•  Body formed back panel.
•  "Movement" shoulder straps- neoprene.
•  Expanding body [zipp open].
•  Cargo net- integrated in tuck-away pocket..
•  Phone / Mp4 pocket.
•  10'' netbook pocket.
•  Pocket / accessory attachments.
•  Visibility polyester lining.
•  Reflectives 3M - traffic compliant EN 471.

Size: 44 × 27 × 16 to 21 cm
Weight: 900 g
Volume: 15 l
Maximum laptop size: 35 × 20 × 3 cm

Design optimized for every day use.
Flexible protection for your equipment.
Ultra light.
Action balanced and stabilizing ergonomics.
Fits "camera inserts medium".