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14 Days
12 Months

The cost of the shipping is 8€.  Delivery takes 5-7 days.

Each piece can be strung, stacked and interconnected creating a collection with endless possibilities.

Elements interact with one another in different ways, creating a mechanical eleganceThe Talis Necklace is constructed using a stainless steel bar on which the elements rotate creating a truly mechanical and tactile piece of jewellery.

There is the option to get your own unique necklace made up along with add new elements to the necklace at a later stage, please contact us directly if your interested.

You can chose the orientation of the necklace, on a vertical or horizontal chain. Both chains are available to purchase.

Material: Silver with Rose Gold, Black Vermeil and 18ct Gold Vermeil.
Elements: 1 Small 1Large
Dimensions: 10mm x 50mm

Long Chain: 762 / 863mm
Short Chain: 457 / 508mm

Hand Made in Britain, East London. 

Made to order with a dispatch time of 2-4 weeks.

Customer will be informed with a precise time on purchase, contact directly if need by a particular date. We will do our best to work to your needs.