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Sinope is inspired by one of Jupiter's satellites.Sinope is generally considered a member of the Pasiphae group, a family of Jovian satellites. Most or all of the Pasiphae satellites are thought to have begun as a single asteroid that, after being captured by Jupiter's gravity, suffered a collision which broke off a number of pieces. The bulk of the original asteroid survived as the moon called Pasiphae, and the other pieces became some or all of the other moons in the group. All of the Pasiphae moons are retrograde, so they orbit Jupiter in the opposite direction from the planet's rotation. Their orbits are also eccentric (elliptical rather than circular) and highly inclined with respect to Jupiter's equatorial plane. 18Ct Eco-Gold Topaz Ring. Made with recycled gold- ethical/sustainable jewellery item. Store jewellery in a box or pouch. White Topaz oval size 16mmx 12mm. Ring shank thickness 3mm. Ethical/sustainable jewellery item. Store jewellery in a box or pouch.

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