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Python leather belt

Leather lining

Silver brass buckle

Leather loop

Excentric, exotic, extremely resistant.

Python leather belt red, leather lining, silver brass buckle. Exotic aesthetic, minimal with a touch of colonial design. One of the premium models of the whole collection, inspired by the Pitti’s man, always careful about fashion and his own image.

Designed for people who care about they’re image and status and who want to escape from the city monotony. Totally handmade in Milan by expert artisans with more than 2 generations of know-how. Colors and textures remind of the wild and inhospitable shelters on Earth, creating a savage and timeless dimension.

Powerful aesthetic and extremely resistant. Python leather belt can combine both with jeans, boots and t-shirt, and with a formal look. No doubt, it will be the main character of the whole outfit.

Why it is different from other belts? Python leather belts are unique accessories: designed and handmade in Milan from expert italian artisans with more than 50 years of experience: our most precious value in the Era of fast fashion and massive production. Moreover, they are composed of top quality leather: guarantee of resistance and attention to details. Every piece is composed by italian origin materials and in full compliance with European standards, respecting the local trade and the environment. Finally, durability and functionality combines with italian design.

Spread the Pitti’s man in you.

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