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30 Days
No warranty

We dispatch the same day if ordered before 14:00(GMT) with delivery expected 3-5 working days.

With Blue and Gold Jewels to Get Your Funk On.

Previously we have spent many hours creating Bindi Fusion Combinations..

Individually gluing separate bindis to ourselves to create a unique masterpiece.

Not anymore.. Simply peel, stick, sparkle on and look amazing..

No hard work to do.. All in One--All of the Arranging is done for you!

Max Bindi Width - 59mm.

Max Bindi Height - 46mm.

Card Dimensions - 110mm x 90mm.

All of our gems are self adhesive and are incredibly easy to place.

If you do not get it right, you can always peel them off and re-stick.

You can reuse several times if care is taken. Please refer to our How-to-Use Guide.

NONE of Our Products are Tested on Animals

ALL are Certified Non-Toxic and Safe to Use on Face or Body