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30 Days
No warranty

Like the Ceres tights, this new model of tights in a medium length offers you freedom, comfort and support with the advantage of being able to use them in warmer climates or to have less rubbing on your feet in your workouts. 

It has reinforced seams with overthreading in contrast color and oval piece insertion in the union of the legs for you to have total security in your movements.

The design of the pattern, the original Swimmer print, the contrast details on the waist, the back of the knee and the stitching give these tights total personality that will leave no one indifferent.

Pirate leggings with a higher waist at the back for additional coverage in extreme movements. Advanced side seam, ergonomic knee piece, and also has an oval piece in the union of the legs for greater safety in movement. All seams are flat and soft so as not to damage your skin.

We have added a small pocket on the inside front to store a small card or key.