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LASK eyewear Acetate Frames – Care instructions

To ensure long-term satisfaction with your sunglasses, please take note of the following instructions concerning the care and use of your glasses.

LASK eyewear acetate frames can be cleaned of any foreign substances with the LASK eyewear cleaning cloth provided, or another gentle, grease-removing lens cleaning cloth. For acetate frames, the use of harsh cleaning agents is not advised as the frame and its components can be damaged. Cleaning via an ultra-sonic bath is also not advisable.

If the surface starts to lose some of its shine after daily use, you can have it polished by any optician Retailer who is able to return the frame to its original high-gloss finish.

Your glasses consist primarily of acetate, a naturally produced cellulose thermoplastic material that can lose its shape through the everyday effects of thermal influences. Nevertheless it is very easy for any optician to adjust and restore the form of the frame. Please avoid exposing your glasses to temperatures in excess of 40°C (104°F) or placing them in direct sunlight, for example on the dashboard of your car.