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"I deserve to be treated with care"

1. Store me in my original Seasoned Vintage dustbag.

2. Use specialized products for leather and suede.

3. Grooming will keep me beautiful.

-Composition: Suede and Leather

-Materials: Textured leather handles and details, adjustable shoulder strap, inside pocket, zip closure, hand luggage

-Size: (48x32x22)

Personalized: Personalize your Seasoned Vintage with your initials making it unique! 

-Where: In the leather circle. 

-How: Hot stamping, using 1cm-high letters. 

-What: Up to 7 letters. If you put initials we recommend you put a full stop after each letter, including the last one. 

-How much: FREE! It's a gift from Seasoned Vintage.Want to engrave something that isn’t allowed here? 

Email us!… and as a GIFT! 2 cotton bags, 1 for shoes and 1 for used clothing. We do not want to miss anything on your trip!