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14 Days
3 Months

Shipping 50€ 

Drawing: Oil on Paper.

Drawing: Oil, linen, ink and gold leaf on Paper.

Oil Ink & pencil on paper


Needs frame

This series of work is inspired by the early Italian Renaissance paintings.I always admire the beauty that these masterpieces evoke, you can never have enough, doesn’t matter how many times you saw them you will always feel amaze.The idea is to bring modernity and transform a Renaissance atmosphere into a contemporary image."Lei" means "Her" in Italian and is the femenine side of love.We live in a world in constant change, never having a moment for ourselves, never find the time to have some peace and tranquility.In this body of work I want it to give the observer some time to reflect, to take a big breath and simply enjoy the moment to see something beautiful.

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