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14 Days
12 Months

The cost of the shipping is 8€.  Delivery takes 5-7 days.

This Necklace is the mother of the X/Y Collection and feels incredible to wear and touch. Each piece can be strung, stacked and interconnected creating a collection with endless possibilities.

Elements interact with one another in different ways, creating a mechanical eleganceXY Necklace is constructed using a stainless steel bar on which the elements rotate creating a truly mechanical and tactile piece of jewellery.

The beauty of this modular concept means unique necklace can be created for you and allows you to add new elements to the necklace at a later stage.

If you are interested in having your own necklace made up by May Hofman, please contact us directly.

You can chose the orientation of the necklace, on a vertical or horizontal chain. Vertical /Horizontal /Short 508mm/Long 762mm

Materials: 18ct Gold Plated / Oxidised silver / Howlite Stone / Stainless steel / White sapphire.

Dimensions: 10mm x 50 mm

Hand Made in Britain

ORDERING Made to order with a dispatch time of 1-3 weeks. Customer will be informed with a precise time on purchase, contact directly if need by a particular date.

We will do our best to work to your needs.