Matitos is a partnership - a working and romantic partnership - formed by Matias and Tito. Together they have created a seal of quality, based on their life, which defines their partnership. This hallmark of tenderness is reflected in everything they do, and it symbolises a love of nature, a calm home-based life, the little things that make life special, family, friends, and all those people around them. Everything they do is stamped with this self-created hallmark, especially where work is concerned. They work hard, shoulder to shoulder, and although they both have their own space, they define their goals together, never leaving one another's side.

Work is important to them, and they know that all the projects they embark upon need to have this hallmark. They are passionate about small details, colours, elegance, style and beauty. Fashion, together with their home, is the arena where they can bring to fruit all their dreams, desires and goals. With this brand they hope to share this small yet immense world they have created with everyone.

It is a lifestyle with the Matitos hallmark, which consists of loving things that are done well, working and trying hard, and placing importance on small details. It also denotes time, nature, serenity, peace, home and family. Lastly, it conveys an awareness of family inheritance and history. Each and every one of these qualities is revealed in everything they do, whether it is home, work, ways of thinking and acting, or interacting with the world. Sweet Matitos people are human-centred and honourable, and their actions are consistent with their beliefs; they are completely authentic people.

The Sweet Matitos style transmits self-confidence that is reflected in having good people skills. It also encapsulates the calmness and joy conveyed by those who lead this lifestyle. It refers to those who follow their dreams and who dream a great deal, because they know that dedication and determination make dreams come true.

Sweet Matitos people live according to what they believe and what they preach. They are sincere, uncomplicated and without false appearances, and they possess the self-confidence of those who know exactly where they are going. They are always connected with nature, either in the countryside or in a garden in the city. They seek nature's peace and tranquillity to renew their energy and take action to make their dreams come true. They surround themselves with small things and with objects that have a personal value in a family atmosphere. Their house is an authentic home, not a stop-off point. Their home is a happy and colourful place, full of family mementos, but never a museum or place without movement. Sweet Matitos people are always in search of freshness, sea breeze or country winds. They cannot bear dark, closed-in places, full of dust and reminders of the past.

A Sweet Matitos person lives their life to the full, appreciates the small details, is happy with what they've got and works hard to fulfil the goals they have set themselves. They experience every minute to the full, without taking their eyes off the ultimate goal at the end of the journey. They know how to take time to relax and renew their energy so that they can re-embark upon their projects with the passion that best defines them.

Calm energy and a call to action rule a Sweet Matitos person in equal measure, as they are well-balanced.

The way we work is aligned with our philosophy and lifestyle; this means we devote the same or more energy to our team as we do to the details of each piece of clothing, so that both are special. Our clothing needs to reflect our values. Therefore, to make it, we need a special type of atmosphere, an original place and our own way of doing it. We look after our team as we would look after delicate flowers being cultivated in a greenhouse. Human resources are of primary importance at Sweet Matitos, and ensuring that all the people in our team are happy, content, proud of what they do, and completely aligned with our values is the only way we know of forging ahead and remaining loyal to the lifestyle we have chosen. Only in this way will our product represent the essence of Sweet Matitos.