At Closca we believe a lively, cheerful city will be the expression of a dynamic and creative society, while a cold, gray, motionless city, will probably be home to a majority of people demonstrating no special motivations.Only the people who guide innovation will be able to lead the transformation of our cities into special places to grow.

Closca was born to add a touch of style, design and good taste to both their customers and the cities where they live. We are with the people who appreciate beauty, are not intimidated by change and feel the inevitable need to transform things.

Contribution  Partnerships. We love biking and are promoting #biketowork just like Airbus or Telefónica. We'd love to hear about your biking habits and what can we do to improve them!

Cycling App. We've developed RideU so it's easier to find rental bikes around your city. Because we love to ride in the city, we made it easier for everybody in +240 cities around the world.

The first smart bike helmet. Fuga comes with a built-in NFC tag wich will help us protect you in the future. With only a tap with your smartphone, you'll be able to call an emergency number or even get your rental bike without your card.


RedDot Design Award. We won the 2015 RedDot Prize, one of the best international prices for product design thanks to our innovative and beautiful concept on the Closca Fuga helmet.

Eurobike Award. Thanks to its design and functionality, we were awarded with the Eurobike Price in Germany, the world's biggest bike fair. Our product was selected among 1600 exhistors along with other 35 products.

Eco Value Proposal. As winners of the Climate Kic-European Accelerator Program, EU's main climate innovation initiative, we were awarded the Eco Value Prize promoting smart cities and C02 reduction.