Todevise brings online shopping to a whole new level by mixing in 3 special ingredients: a social network where you can connect with friends, experts and influencers; a store filled with original, trendy creations; and an affiliates program that allows you to earn money every time somebody purchases a product from your recommendations.


Experts, influencers, creators, your friends & you. Our aim is to create a vibrant community that revolves around great products and creativity. Connect with influencers and see what they love; ask experts about products and the latest trends; see what your friends like and recommend them new products - on Todevise you will be surprised every day with new discoveries.


Affiliate programs have been around for ever. Our goal at Todevise is to simplify them, so you can get rewarded for your great taste and knowledge. If another member of our community discover a product through your profile, or if somebody uses your code to join Todevise, then you will get a commission. Inside your profile, you can see how much funds you accumulated, and transfer them to your bank account or discount them from your next purchase. It’s that simple.

The affiliates program will be live in late Sprint 2018.


The brands that sell on Todevise are called devisers. We handpick all our devisers, in order to offer you the coolest, most original products on the market, with a great price - quality balance. On Todevise you will find both the established brands that you love, and emerging brands that set the tone of the future. We guarantee that you will be surprised.